From the recording Tumbleweed

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David Hansen

She stumbled home at 3 in the morning
From somewhere she shouldn’t have been
I was standing in the doorway
Glaring at the two of them
She said, “Whoops, you came home early!”
I said, “It’s later than you think.”
At that moment I was the only one
In need of a good stiff drink

She was wearing a low-cut fits me good
Black with a slit clear up to the thigh
I said, “Buddy, you ain’t coming in
Unless you’re prepared to die.”
He was covered with kisses
Her favorite shade of red
Then he threw up on the doorstep
And to my wife I said

You ain’t worth the salt in my tears
I can’t believe I’ve wasted precious years
Trying hard to please you
Just to learn the bitter truth
You ain’t worth the salt in my tears

I sent the two of them packing
Two weeks later she was at my door
Begging for forgiveness
Vowing she’d never cheat no more
I said, “I use to think you hung the moon.
I was crazy mad in love with you.
You use to be the best part of me
Now that’s ancient history.”


You use to be my everything
You use to wear my diamond ring
But cheating changes everything
I gave my heart and soul to you, now


© 2015, Hansen Music Enterprises, Inc. (BMI)