1. A Mother's Lov

From the recording Tumbleweed

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David Hansen

Momma loved me like only mother’s can
Momma loved me just the way that I am
Bumps and bruises bloody skinned up knees
Momma’s kisses fixed all of these
Nothing soothes like momma’s love

Momma did her best to teach me right from wrong
I tried to be good, but sometimes temptation is just too strong
Win or lose momma always cheered for me
I pray to God I’ll always be
Worthy of my momma’s love

Momma would be so proud
She’d sing Hallelujah good and loud
If she could be here today
To see that I’m doing okay

Momma left this world ten long years ago
Momma taught me most everything I know
Momma always believed in me
I’m still trying desperately
To be worthy
To be worthy
To be worthy of momma’s love

© 2015, Hansen Music Enterprises, Inc. (BMI)