1. Tumbleweed

From the recording Tumbleweed

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David Hansen

Jimmy Ray was a cowboy
He loved rodeo
That 8-second ride
And buckle of gold
He blew into town
One fine spring day
With no plans to grow roots
Or reason to stay

She’s an innocent beauty
Brenda Sue took to him
Like a drunk takes to whiskey,
Vodka and gin
That first kiss was magic
And all through the night
Brenda Sue felt the passion
That makes a cowboy ride

Don’t hitch your heart to a tumbleweed
A rambling man ain’t what you need
If you want love to last send its roots down deep
Don’t hitch your heart to a tumbleweed

Jimmy Ray drew a bull
Meaner than a rattlesnake
When that bull threw him
You could hear the bones break
Brenda Sue took him in
When his wounds were healed
He took off to Cheyenne
Like it was no big deal


He never won gold buckles
She never loved again
Just another love story
With a tragic end


No, don’t hitch your heart to a tumbleweed

© 2015, Hansen Music Enterprises, Inc. (BMI)